You are invited to attend a FREE online Lifestyle Coaching Skills workshop hosted by LifeStart Clinics in collaboration with the General Conference Health Ministries department starting on February 7, 2021. Lifestyle Coaching Skills (LCS) is a workshop curriculum developed by General Conference Health Ministries that will help you form meaningful relationships with your community. You will gain the skills necessary to assist people in overcoming the challenges of everyday life and the power of long-term habits. Lifestyle Coaching Skills uses biblical principles to provide personalized support that can cut through common barriers to lifestyle change.

The Lifestyle Coaching Skills workshop explores the foundational philosophy, attitudes, and skills of coaching within the context of comprehensive health ministry and gospel-medical evangelism used by LifeStart coaches in the 30-day LifeStart Coaching Program. For more information about LCS training go to

By participating in the Lifestyle Coaching Skills workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define lifestyle coaching and how it aligns with biblical values.
  • Explain the value of using a lifestyle coaching approach in health ministries.
  • Describe the elements of the Lifestyle Coaching Model.
  • Describe the four gifts we give as coaching, and how they reflect the heart of God.
  • Discuss key concepts for understanding behavior change and practical implications for lifestyle coaching and health
  • Practice key coaching skills and a coaching conversation model to help someone create a Lifestyle Change Plan in the area of physical activity.

The 15 hour online training will be conducted via Zoom during the following times:

Sunday, February 7
1pm–4pm (EST)
5pm–8pm (EST)

Monday, February 8
5pm–8pm (EST)

Tuesday, February 9
5pm–8pm (EST)

Thursday, February 11
5pm–8pm (EST)

Course Instructors

The FREE Lifestyle Coaching Skills workshop will be presented by:

Katia Reinert, PhD, CRNP

Katia Reinert, PhD, CRNP

Associate Director for GC Health Ministries

Dr Katia Reinert serves as Health Ministries associate director for the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist church. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner and Public Health Clinical Nurse Specialist and practices internal medicine at Shepherds clinic in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr Reinert has a heart for ministry, and a passion for global health and mission. She takes joy in helping populations across cultures to understand and cope with trauma, depression and anxiety.

Lilly Tryon, DNP

Lilly Tryon, DNP

Southern Adventist University Nursing Professor and Lifestyle Coaching Educator

Lilly Tryon is a family nurse practitioner, wellness coach, and nursing professor with a passion for inspiring and empowering people to choose life and live well. As a lifestyle medicine specialist, Lilly finds that information alone is insufficient for changing behavior. Rather than just prescribing solutions, Lilly enjoys transformative conversations that help others to explore new ways of thinking about their health and to personalize strategies for achieving the goals that are important to them.

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