1. Train

    Get training and support to:

    1. Become a LifeStart Health coach
    2. Learn how to use the LifeStart Health resource kits

  2. Equip

    Download the FREE LifeStart Health resource kits:

    1. Discover—LifeStart Expos
    2. Learn—LifeStart Seminars
    3. Apply—LifeStart Clinics
    4. Maintain—LifeStart Retreats

  3. Mobilize

    Carry out the LifeStart Health cycle of evangelism:

    1. Establish a LifeStart Health group in your church
    2. Organize a LifeStart Expos health screening
    3. Follow up with LifeStart Seminars presentations based on popular topics
    4. Lead into a LifeStart Clinics 30-day program
    5. Continue with regular LifeStart Retreats group meetups
    6. Introduce Bible study at the appropriate time
    7. Invite to an evangelistic series with appeals to be baptized

“There are souls in many places who have not yet heard the message.
Henceforth medical missionary work… is the door through which the truth
is to find entrance to the large cities.”

—Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 9, p. 167

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