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LifeStart Seminars 12-part series is a collection of 12 stand-alone community health intervention programs designed to introduce key health concepts that can be later implemented in a LifeStart Clinics 30-day program. Each dynamic and engaging seminar features a light meal, self-scoring assessment test, video presentation, and study guide covering the latest research on the cause, prevention, and cure of today’s chronic lifestyle diseases. Participants will gain an understanding of what they should do to prevent or reverse these disease conditions and are then encouraged to join a LifeStart Clinics 30-day program.

Seminar topics include:

  1. Lose Weight Naturally
  2. Reverse Heart Disease Naturally
  3. Maximize Mental Performance Naturally
  4. Lower Hypertension Naturally
  5. Improve Lung Function Naturally
  6. Relieve Arthritis Naturally
  7. Overcome Addictions Naturally
  8. Prevent Osteoporosis Naturally
  9. Prevent Cancer Naturally
  10. Avoid Colds and Flus Naturally
  11. Reverse Diabetes Naturally
  12. Defeat Dementia Naturally

LifeStart Seminars 12-part series includes:

  • Twelve 30-min. video presentations (Digital Download)
  • Instructions and handouts for each seminar
  • Custom-designed promotional flyers (available upon request)
  • Support website at

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