Step 3: Apply

LifeStart Clinics is perhaps the most important link in transforming a church into a center of influence and bridging LifeStart Seminars participants into Bible Study and beyond. Through its unique approach, participants are paired with wellness coaches for a personalized lifestyle change experience.

S3-apply-bookThe program involves five sessions over the course of approximately one month: two weekly check-ups in the patient’s home and three weekend clinics at the church’s Better Living Center facilities. Course material is based on The Methuselah Factor video series by Dr. David DeRose and includes personalized wellness coaching, educational support groups, in-home checkups, simple natural remedies, exercise activities, plant-based cooking labs, and shopping tours that patients and coaches participate in together.

LifeStart Clinics relies on church members who have been fitted up as wellness coaches simply by studying the included training materials and completing a checklist of items. Oversight is provided by a volunteer health professional such as a Medical Doctor or Nurse Practitioner (Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN) can assist in finding someone if needed) and does not replace the patient’s primary care physician.

LifeStart Clinics includes:

  • Patient interview forms for biomarkers measurements, goals reviews, and questionnaire on specific health issues
  • Instructions and handouts for health presentations, physical activities, hands-on cooking demonstrations, and lifestyle counseling
  • Ideas for setting up a LifeStart clinic out of a church’s Better Living Center facilities
  • Support website at

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