Step 3: Apply

LifeStart Clinics is a powerful community-based comprehensive lifestyle medicine intervention program that is based on evidence from epidemiology, food and nutrition science, medicine, psychology, and allied health research.

The program involves three group sessions and daily one-on-one check-ins over the course of approximately one month. Course material is based on the 30-day LifeStart Online Program and includes daily motivational instruction, personalized support groups, simple natural remedies, exercise activities, plant-based cooking labs, and shopping tours that clients and coaches participate in together.

LifeStart Clinics relies on church members who have been fitted up as LifeStart coaches simply by studying the included training materials and completing a checklist of items. Oversight is provided by a volunteer health professional such as a Medical Doctor or Nurse Practitioner and does not replace the client’s primary care physician. Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN) can assist in finding someone if needed.

LifeStart Clinics includes:

  • Patient interview forms for biomarkers measurements, goals reviews, and questionnaire on specific health issues
  • Instructions and handouts for health presentations, physical activities, hands-on cooking demonstrations, and lifestyle counseling
  • Ideas for setting up a LifeStart clinic
  • Support website at

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