LifeStart Seminars 12-part Series

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Hosted by David DeRose, MD, MPH

“This will broaden the base for an evangelistic approach that goes beyond preaching—addressing spiritual, mental, and physical modalities.” —Mark Finley, vice president for global evangelism

12-part Series: 

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For the first time, you have access to perhaps the most comprehensive health ministry program available—giving you everything you need from initial contact to Bible study, using Christ’s method alone.

Use this video series in combination with the FREE supporting materials updated regularly on the website. Download FREE facilitator guides, handouts, promotional and interest-gathering tools, and more…

Included are twelve standalone community health intervention programs by Dr. David DeRose. It is designed so that a different topic can be offered each month of the year. Each presentation is based on the nine world-famous health principles found in the LifeStart acronym that has helped millions live well naturally and without the use of prescription drugs.

The twelve programs in the series are entitled:

  1. Lose Weight Naturally
  2. Reverse Heart Disease Naturally
  3. Maximize Mental Performance Naturally
  4. Lower Hypertension Naturally
  5. Improve Lung Function Naturally
  6. Relieve Arthritis Naturally
  7. Overcome Addictions Naturally
  8. Prevent Osteoporosis Naturally
  9. Prevent Cancer Naturally
  10. Avoid Colds and Flus Naturally
  11. Reverse Diabetes Naturally
  12. Defeat Dementia Naturally


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