Wall Height Chart


Height Rule – Fractional/Metric – 80 Inch/203 Centimeter Long – White




Oregon Rule Co. Security Height Rules are bold, clear scales for quickly referencing height. Often these types of rules can be seen around the doorframes of businesses as you exit. Security Height Rules are commonly seen in banks, police stations, restaurants, schools, and doctor’s offices. With its high-tack adhesive, these rules can be applied to nearly any clean surface.

This Security Height Rule is 1 1/2 inches wide and its length extends past the most common range of adult heights (6 Foot 8 Inch). To set up, simply start applying the rule at the base of the floor. In the case of obstruction, like floorboards or moldings, simply measure the obstacle’s height and remove that length from the ruler with scissors. This rule is adhesive backed and comes on a peel-away liner.

  • Reads fractionally on left side from 0 to 80 Inch,1/8 Inch graduations, in continuous inches and inches-and-feet
  • Reads metric on right side from 0 to 203 Centimeter, 1/2 Centimeter graduations
  • 1/8 Inch and 1/2 Centimeter graduations
  • Dimensions are 1 1/2 Inch wide by 81 Inch long
  • Bold black and red graphics on a white background
  • High-tack adhesive sticks to nearly any clean surface


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