Step 1: Lifestyle Coaching Training

Start by having all health ministries leaders and interested church members within a city or region take this lifestyle coaching training course. Participants will gain an understanding of the foundational philosophy, attitudes, and skills of coaching within the context of comprehensive health ministry and gospel-medical evangelism.

Step 2: On-site Training Weekend

Followup the lifestyle coaching training with an on-site training weekend. The schedule below is tentative and can be adjusted based on the needs of the individual churches. Each participating church/conference will be responsible for sharing the cost of the following:

  1. Transportation and lodging for two people
  2. Program equipment, materials, and food
  3. Print, mail, social media, radio, or tv advertisements
  4. Booking fees for public venues (if required)

These costs may be reimbursed with available funds from the OMS Grant Program.

In preparation for the training weekend, it is important to

  1. acquire health screening equipment and handout materials based on what screenings will be offered
  2. secure the venues for where the health screenings will take place
  3. launch the advertising campaigns in the community letting people know when and where the event will take place
  4. determine what LifeStart seminar will be offered to people who attend the screenings and have flyers ready to handout


Church better living center in morning. Multiple public venues in afternoon depending on number of churches participating.

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*Alternatively, door-to-door surveys can be conducted in place of the health screening outreach.


Church better living center

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